The Pixelated Shiba Inu collection is a combination of cryptocurrency and iconic NFT inspirations. Take a 24x24 Pixelated Shiba Inu companion with you on your journey to the moon!

*No Roadmap - in development.

What are Pixelated Shiba Inu NFTs?

The collection is a set of digital assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each of which is unique and cannot be replicated. NFTs are used to represent ownership or authenticity of digital assets like these pieces of art and can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain (Etherscan). Some NFTs might have different color schemes, patterns, or shapes incorporated into the design. Others might have additional elements such as accessories or backgrounds that are not present in the base design. This creates a one-of-a-kind digital asset that can be bought, sold, and traded just like a physical collectable. 

Below is an introduction to how the Pixelated Shiba Inu traits have been assembled into 10,000 unique NFTs...

Shiba Inu


The base Shiba Inu inspired by the SHIB and DOGE cryptocurrency.  Most common in the collection.

Albino Shiba Inu


A less common albino version of the Shiba Inu, unintentionally inspired by the sesame Shiba Inu.

Golden Shiba Inu


A rare trait in the collection inspired by the original currency of trade, gold.


A basic design or template has been drawn to act as the base layer upon which additional traits are added. In the case of the Pixelated Shiba Inu collection, this is a pixelated version of a Shiba Inu dog with three different rarity tiers.


Thick Eyebrows

Happy Eyes


14 different eye traits.

Pirate Hat




32 different head traits.





22 different mouth traits.





12 different background traits.





Three unique NFTs.

After all traits have been thoughtfully drawn layer by layer, a smart contract was utilized through Visual Studio Code and 10,000 uniquely generated Pixelated Shiba Inu have been created! The rarity of these traits can affect the overall value. NFTs with rare traits are often considered more valuable because they are more unique and harder to come by, making them more desirable to collectors.

*NFT trait/collection introduction currently in development and more to come...

09/02/2022 - NFT MINT DETAILS:

-10,000 Uniquely generated Pixelated Shiba Inu NFTs

-Art is 24x24 pixels scaled 100x = 2400x2400 pixels

-10 max/wallet

-Free Mint

-0 reserved 

03/11/2023 - TOKEN MINT DETAILS:

-100b tokens Minted

-100% in Uniswap Liquidity pools trading on PSIT/WETH and PSIT/USDC

-Current utility is to purchase featured NFTs directly from this website 

*DApp in development