How to Play

1. Start with a crypto wallet with enough ETH funds for gas fees and then click on the 'Connect Wallet' button in game.

2. Claim the free 'Pixelated Shiba Inu Pet' an ERC1155 NFT drop (limit 1 per wallet address and the only cost is ETH gas fees)!

3. Go to the 'Shop' and get treats with Pixelated Shiba Inu Tokens ($PSIT)! Claim a 'Bone' for free, or use $PSIT to get an 'Apple' or a 'Steak.'

4. Give the Bone to your Pixelated Shiba Inu Pet (this will cost gas) to start earning passive ERC20 Pixelated Shiba Inu Tokens ($PSIT)! 

5. Enjoy the game!

*100b max token supply! This is one of the only ways to get $PSIT! 

**Game reward rates are subject to change at any time, as the game is always under development! Current Rates: Bone [0.01 PSIT/minute], Apple [0.10 PSIT/minute], Steak [1.00 PSIT/minute].

***It's essential for players to be aware of potential risks, including gas fees and the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. As with any crypto-related activity, individuals should exercise caution, and conduct their own research.